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What is the meaning of 8k mirror stainless steel sheet?
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What is the meaning of 8k mirror stainless steel sheet?

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What is the meaning of 8k mirror stainless steel sheet?

8k is actually a standard surface treatment of stainless steel. Stainless steel plate surface polishing and grinding, the surface is bright as a mirror, can shine things reflect people, called mirror 8k.

We all know that stainless steel plate a chrome-nickel alloy steel, and 8k in the "8" refers to the proportion of alloy ingredients (304 stainless steel refers to the content of nickel elements), "k" refers to the polishing process after the reflectivity level (k level for the mirror reflection level). So 8k mirror surface is also the mirror surface grade embodied by the chromium-nickel alloy steel.

In addition, according to the customer's different degree of fine stainless steel surface, but also extended 6k, 10k stainless steel plate, the larger the number, the higher the surface fineness. But it is not the higher the surface fineness, the better the stainless steel plate, the main thing is to be suitable. But the higher the value of k, the higher the process requirements, the higher the price is certain.

Stainless steel belt series: (stainless steel coil, stainless steel plate profile)

Stainless steel strip hardness: soft state, full hard, medium hard, 3/4 hard, H

Coil strip: cold rolled stainless steel coil, coil strip can be divided into strips

Surface: ordinary polished surface, 2B surface, BA mirror surface, 8K mirror surface, brushed surface, mirror surface, etc. .....


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