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Stainless steel mesh specification parameters
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Stainless steel mesh specification parameters

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Stainless steel mesh specification parameters

The common specifications of stainless steel wire mesh are 1mm-5mm, and the size of the mesh varies from 5cm-25cm. Stainless steel wire mesh specifications mainly from these three directions to see, respectively, mesh size, aperture, wire diameter, etc.. Common specification is the wire diameter, and the grid size is the aperture, the mesh is the number of holes, that is, the number of holes.

Stainless steel wire mesh specific specification parameters.

1, mesh: is the most important measure of wire mesh specifications, mesh and millimeters have no comparative meaning, the mesh is the number of 1 inch length pores, and 1 inch, which is 25.4 mm, that is, how many mesh on 25.4 mm. But because the production of wire mesh, there is a measure of the number of screen, so do not use the number of requirements of the screen, there are special provisions of the diameter, so you can not simply use the number of mesh, to measure the actual millimeter of wire, this is a very professional people, to distinguish. The more holes there are in the mesh, the smaller the holes are. And because the production materials are different, so even if the same are wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh and other wire mesh, the thickness looks different, the size is actually different.

2, wire diameter: 1mm is 100 silk, "silk" this concept is a common name for 0.01mm, for example, in the north, there will be people directly with the word "Road" instead of 0.01mm, although because the text and call different, but the industry All understand.

3, aperture: stainless steel mesh is usually divided into twill weave, plain weave, bamboo pattern weave.

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