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The difference between 304, 304L and 304H stainless steel

What is the difference between 304, 304H and 304L?Type 304 refers to those materials widely used in the manufacture of wire mesh, which contain 18% chromium or 8% nickel (18-8) on a stainless alloy basis, which will not rust when left outdoors and will not oxidize even when the temperature rises to

What is the meaning of 8k mirror stainless steel sheet?

8k is actually a standard surface treatment of stainless steel. Stainless steel plate surface polishing and grinding, the surface is bright as a mirror, can shine things reflect people, called mirror 8k.We all know that stainless steel plate a chrome-nickel alloy steel, and 8k in the "8" refers to t

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Stainless steel mesh specification parameters

The common specifications of stainless steel wire mesh are 1mm-5mm, and the size of the mesh varies from 5cm-25cm. Stainless steel wire mesh specifications mainly from these three directions to see, respectively, mesh size, aperture, wire diameter, etc.. Common specification is the wire diameter, an


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