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Electro Galvanized Steel Wire
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Electro Galvanized Steel Wire

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Electro Galvanized Steel Wire introduction

Electro galvanized wire is also called cold galvanized wire. Low carbon steel wire is placed in an electroplating bath and the metal surface is slowly galvanized by a one-way current. Electro-galvanized wire takes on zinc very slowly and is only one-tenth the thickness of hot-dip galvanized wire.

Cold galvanized wire is passed through a unidirectional current in an electroplating bath. The surface of the wire is gradually plated. The production rate is slow, the coating is uniform, and the thickness is typically 3-15 microns. It has a bright appearance, rust resistance and decorative properties. It can be kept in a tightly closed and cool place for 18 months. And we can provide customized service according to customers' requirements, please contact us for more information!

Product name

Electroplated steel wire

Quality Standard
GB/T343; BS EN 10257-1:1998; GB/T3028; BS 4565; ASTM B-498: 1998 GB/T15393; BS EN 10244-2:2001

Material of steel

A: 1006、1008、1018、Q195, Q235, 55#,60#,65#,70#,72A, 80#,77B,82B B: 99.995% Purity Zinc

Wire hardness

Soft/medium hard/hard

Size Range

0.15mm-6.00mm or customized

Product Process

Cold pull

Product surface

Bright and smooth


Coil, Spool, Wooden Drum, Z2, Z3

Coil Weight


Delivery time

Within one week upon our receipt of  T/T payment


Chemical fiber packaging, cutting shot, threading, steel pipe processing, wire rope processing, packing buckle processing, etc

Electro Galvanized Steel Wire

Electro Galvanized Steel Wire Applications

Electro Galvanized Steel Wire Applications

Electro Galvanized Steel Wire Workshop

Electro Galvanized Steel Wire



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