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Nickel Alloy Tube

1. Competitive price and quality from our own factory
2. Approved by ISO9001, CE, SGS every year
3. Best service with 24 hour`s reply
4. Flexible payment with T/T,L/C
5. Smooth production ability(50000tons/month)
6. Quick delivery and standard exporting package
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Shandong Hongguan Steel Group Co., Ltd. is located in the city of Jinan, Shandong Province, China. We are a company mainly producing and processing carbon steel plate/coil and rod, stainless steel plate/coil/rod, cold rolled sheet/coil, aluminum coil/plate, galvanized steel plate/coil, color coated galvanized sheet and other high quality products.


Product Name

Nickel Alloy Pipe/Tube

Wall Thickness

1mm-150mm or as required

Outer diameter

5mm-500mm or as required


2000mm-120000mm or   as required




Hot Rolled/Cold Rolled

Surface Treatment

Polishing,Pickling or according to   customer requirement

Thickness tolerance



Hastelloy B B2 X C276  C22   C-4 C2000 N G-3 G-30 G-35
Inconel 625 600 601 800 718 725 926 X750
Incoloy 800H 800HT 825 901 925
Monel 500k,400
GH1140 GH2132 GH3030 GH3128 GH3039 GH4145
Nickel 200 201
Alloy 20 28 31 200 201 400


High temperature components such as turbine blades, guide vanes, turbine disks, high pressure compressor disks,machine   manufacturing


1 ton , We can accept sample order.

Shipment time

Within 10-15 workdays after   receiving deposit or L/C

Export packing

Waterproof paper, and steel strip   packed.
Standard Export Seaworthy Package.Suit for all kinds of transport,or as required


Nickel Alloy Tubes

Nickel based alloys are very useful materials for the manufacture of high quality tubing products. One of the key reasons is that they offer excellent corrosion resistance in both aqueous and high temperature applications.

In addition to their high melting points and resistance to oxidation and corrosion, nickel alloys are very ductile. They can be electroplated and are easily welded, making them suitable for use in industries where very high and low temperatures come into play.

Nickel based alloys have a higher ability to accept alloying elements in solid solution than other stainless steel or iron-based alloys. They can

therefore maintain higher metallurgical stability. The combination of high alloying with multiple elements can provide very good corrosion resistance in a wide range of environments while still maintaining good welding and forming characteristics.

Nickel alloys are excellent for heat exchangers in the chemical processing and nuclear industries. They’re used in steam generator tubing in the nuclear power industry, in high-temperature aircraft systems, and in oil and gas extraction programmes where corrosion-, pressure- and temperature-resistant tubing is required. Their corrosion resistance also makes them useful in desalination equipment.

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