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446 Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate
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446 Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate

Material Grade: 446
Type: Ferritic, Austenite, Martensite, Duplex
Technology: Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled
Size: According to the customer's requests
Certifications: ISO 9001,SGS,BV
Payment: TT, LC, Western Union.
Service: Third party testing
Delivery: within 10-15 days or considering the quantity
  • As customers' demands

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446 Stainless Steel Plate&Sheet Supplier

SS 446 sheets are highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Therefore, they are used in seawater equipment such as canes, water tanks etc. These sheets are highly resistant to toxicity and hence it is used in pharmaceutical type of equipment to make surgical type of equipment. They are used in the heat exchanger industry as they are highly heat resistant. They are used in chemical and petrochemical industries as they do not react with chemicals. Due to its high welding properties, it can be turned into any shape, so it is widely used due to this property.

446 Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate Description

Product 446 Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate
Surface Finish BA, 2B, 2D, 4K, 6K, 8K, NO.4, HL, embossed,perforated,water ripple
Technique Hot Rolled / Cold Rolled
Steel Grade 316/316L/316H
Color Standard RAL color:red,bule,white,grey,brick,etc.
Stock  Dimension 0.5mm-4mm x 1220mm/1500mm x 2440mm/2500mm; 5mm-25mm x 1220mm/1500mm x 2440mm/2500mm/6000mm;8mm-80mm x 1500/1800/2000mm/2500 x 6000mm;cut to size according to customers' demands
Service OEM, customized processing service, customized fabrication by drawings
Processing Type Cutting, bending,stamping,welding,cnc machining
Cutting Type Laser cutting;water-jet cutting;flame cutting
Protection 1. Inter paper available  2. PVC protecting film available
Application Costruction Industry/Kichten Products/Fabrication Industry/Home Decoration
Export packing Waterproof paper, and steel strip packed.Standard Export Seaworthy Package.Suit for all kinds of transport,or as required

446 Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate Surface

Surface   finish Characteristics & Application
NO.1 Hot-rolled   surface,annealed and pickled,can be used as cold-rolling material,industial   tanks and chem i cal devices.
NO.2D Cold-rolled,   an nealed and pick led with out skinpassing the dull products can be used as   automobile parts, building materrials and pipings.
NO.2B The   surface brightness and flatness of NO.2B is better than NO.2D. Then through a   special  surfacetreament to improve its mechamical properties, N02B   could nearly satisfy comprehensive uses.
NO.3 Polished   with abra sive belt of grit #100#120,have bet ter bright ness with   discontinuous coarse stria, used as in ner and ex ter nal or na ments for   building, electrical appliances and kitchen uten sils etc.
NO.4 Polished   with abrasive belt of grit #150#180, have better brightness with   discontinuous coarse stria, but thinner than NO.3, are used as bathtud   buildinginner and external ornaments electrical appliances, kitchen utensils   and food processing equipment etc.
HL Polished   with abrasive belt of grit #150-320 on the No.4 finish and has continuous   streaks,  mainly used as building ornaments, elevators, door of   building, frontal plate etc.
BA Cold   rolled, bright annealed and skin passed, the product has excellent brightness   and good reflexivity like mirror, used for lectrical appliances, mirror,   kitchen apparatus, or nament materials etc.

446 Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate Surface

446 Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate  Chemical Composition

C P Cr Si Mn MO S Ni N
SS 446 Min - - 23 - - - - - 0.1
max 0.2 0.04 30 0.75 1.5 - 0.03 0.5 0.25

446 Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate Mechanical Properties

Grade Tensile  Strength (MPa) min Elongation  (% in 50mm) min Yield  Strength 0.2% Proof (MPa) min Hardness
Rockwell B  (HR B) max Brinell (HB) max
SS  446 485 20 275 92 201

446 Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate Production workshop

446 Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate


446 Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate

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