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1060 Aluminum Circle Disc
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1060 Aluminum Circle Disc

Aluminum circle, also known as aluminum disc, is the best material for making aluminum round metal. Its thickness is usually 0.3mm-10mm and its diameter is 100mm-800mm. it is widely used in electronics, daily chemical, medicine, literature and education, auto parts and other industries. Especially 1xxx and 3xxx aluminum rounds are used for making kitchen utensils, cookware, such as non-stick pans, casseroles, pizza pans, pressure cookers, and other hardware, such as lamp shades, water heater housings, etc. Our aluminum rounds are manufactured in accordance with international standards ASTM B209, ASME SB 221, EN573 and EN485.
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1060 Aluminum Circle Disc Description

1060 aluminum Circles have high thermal conductivity and can be used in electrical products. This alloy circle has various qualities such as malleability, flexibility, durability and ductility. These alloy circles are made with the best mechanical and heat treatment processes. These alloys can be easily used in low temperature and contaminated environments without any distortion to the alloy. These alloys are resistant to the entire general corrosion. These alloys have excellent surface finish quality and it can be used in electrical and chemical equipment.

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Aluminum Circle Disc


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Mill Finish,Coated,Powder Coated,Anodized,Polished mirror,Embossed,Etc.


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China Main Port

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Aluminum Circle Disc

1060 Aluminum Circle Disc Chemical Properties

Aluminium 1060 Fe Si Mg Mn Cu Zn Ti Al
0.15 - 0.20 0.10 - 0.15 0.01 - 0.03 0.01 - 0.03 0.01 - 0.05 0.01 - 0.03 0.020 - 0.030 99.6

1060 Aluminum Circle Disc Mechanical Properties

Alloy Temper UTS(Mpa) % Elongation
Min Max 0.5 mm -0.8 mm 0.81 mm - 1.30 mm 1.30 mm - above
1060 O 55 75 25 25 30
H12 75 110 6 6 7
H14 90 120 5 5 6
H16 95 130 4 4 4
H18 130 --- 3 3 3

1060 Aluminum Circle Disc Applications

Aluminum Circle Disc

1060 Aluminum Circle Disc Workshop

Aluminum Circle Disc


Aluminum Circle Disc

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